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What Is Balayage? (And Other Common Questions)

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Posted date: Wed, 28 February 2024 : 6 27 AM

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to shake things up a little. If you’re feeling bored with your current hairstyle, getting a transformative new look can be just the thing to refresh your spirits and get a new outlook on life.

It’s probably why we often get questions about balayage here at Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar. (Psst! Our stylists LOVE doing balayage because of the delighted look on our clients’ faces when they see their incredible new look!) If you’ve never tried balayage before, you may have some questions about it, like, “What is balayage, anyway?” and “How does balayage work?” Get the answers here!

What is balayage, exactly?

Balayage (pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE) is a French word that refers to sweeping. This describes the technique rather than the effect. Instead of wrapping sections of your hair in foils to produce the highlights, your hair stylist will hand-paint the highlights.

This freehand painting technique produces an incredibly natural-looking, subtler look than traditional highlights. With balayage, you won’t see well-defined, dramatic contrasts between the different shades. In other words, you’ll get that much-coveted sun-kissed look as if you’ve just come from several weeks spent relaxing in the Caribbean.

People love the balayage look not only because it offers a more natural yet still transformative effect but also because it’s pretty low-maintenance. You won’t see dramatic regrowth lines that need to be addressed on a frequent schedule.

What is the difference between a partial and full balayage?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is balayage?” you should know that there are actually a few different types of balayage, including partial and full.

Your hair is comprised of multiple layers. A full balayage sweeps lightener through all of the layers, both top and bottom. This provides a more dramatic yet still natural-looking transformation.

In contrast, a partial balayage focuses on just one part of your hair, such as the top layers all over your hair or just the top layers near the front. To visualize a partial balayage, imagine a spotlight shining on subtle accents of lighter locks.

What is a reverse balayage?

What is balayage in reverse? A reverse balayage uses darker shades to create lowlights, both near the roots and down the length of the strands. Like the traditional balayage, a reverse balayage also involves using a freehand painting technique.

A reverse balayage is even more low-maintenance than a traditional balayage. It can be a great option for those who want an even subtler look, as well as for blondes whose original balayage became a bit too bright or brassy.

How does balayage work?

Your hair stylist will follow multiple steps to perform your balayage hairdo, including planning, painting, processing, toning, and finally, styling. Arguably, planning is the most important step. At Bloom Salon, we take great care in ensuring that we’re on the same page with our clients.

We’ll discuss your expectations at length, figuring out the ideal placement and shades for you. It can be helpful to bring in a few pictures of celebrity balayage hair that you want to emulate.

Next, your stylist will mix your color, divide your hair into sections, and paint your hair. Then, the color needs some time to develop properly. This is known as “processing.” Once your hair has been properly processed, your stylist will rinse off the color and apply a toning mask.

This helps soften the color to create a more natural-looking effect. Lastly, your stylist will rinse all of the product off your hair, dry it, and style it to suit your preferences.

What is the difference between a balayage and ombré?

Balayage is a technique of hand-painting hair, whereas ombré is an end result rather than a technique. With ombré hair, you can see dark roots blending into a medium shade, which then blends into a much lighter shade at the roots. The effect creates a more dramatic, less natural look than balayage.

Does balayage use bleach?

It depends on which salon you visit. Some salons do indeed use bleach and other harsh products to color hair. At Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar, we believe in doing what’s best for both people and the planet. We only use products without harsh chemicals like bleach (our products are also vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free) because we want our clients to enjoy truly healthy, beautiful hair.

Does balayage damage hair?

Balayage is far less damaging than other hair coloring techniques, particularly if you use safe, gentle products without harsh chemicals. Our hair stylists do everything possible to minimize the damage—from using safe products to applying a rich, moisturizing toner. We also ensure the color is left on to process for an appropriate amount of time, as leaving it on for too long can contribute to more damage.

Is balayage suitable for grey hair?

Yes! Who says people with grey hair can’t have any fun at the salon? Balayage is a great choice for people with grey hair who want to embrace their mature look. It creates a natural, soft look that adds greater complexity and depth to the hair.

However, if you would prefer to do away with your grey strands entirely, we recommend a more traditional dye job, as balayage won’t provide full grey coverage.

What is balayage’s ideal hair color?

There really is no universal shade that’s best for the balayage technique. Balayage is highly customizable. You’re likely to see lots of blondes enjoying their balayage hair, but it’s also ideal for brunettes and redheads. With balayage, you can enjoy shades of copper, light brown, ash blonde, icy blonde, and so much more. You can even balayage fun and daring hair colors like pink, blue, and green.

How long does it take to do balayage?

The length of time a balayage appointment takes depends largely on the client. If it’s your first time, you can expect your appointment to last about two to three hours. Touch-up appointments generally take about an hour.

The total time can also depend on your hair. If you have a short bob, a balayage treatment won’t take as long. Very long hair, on the other hand, requires more work.

How often should I do balayage?

It all depends on your hair goals. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend touch-up appointments about every three to four months. However, if your hair grows particularly rapidly, you might want to schedule a touch-up service every eight weeks.

Can I do balayage at home?

There are indeed at-home balayage kits, but we strongly discourage them—and not only because we can’t wait to see your smiling face in our salon again! Balayage has a reputation for providing an easy, breezy, lived-in, low-maintenance look. It’s essentially an “I just got back from the beach, and I had a blast!” hairstyle. However, just because it looks easy breezy doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.

In fact, using the balayage technique successfully requires special training and an expert eye. It’s all too easy to do it incorrectly. If you care about your appearance, it’s far better to entrust your hair to the hands of a skilled beauty expert.

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