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Whether you’ve had a bad experience with color treatments, too much heat exposure, or you’re experiencing changes in your hair texture due to age or medical conditions, there are just some days when your hair could benefit from a little extra love and care. During those times, Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar is here for you with a menu of service enhancements that can undo chemical damage, repair and nourish your strands, and help you restore the natural beauty of your hair. Our stylists are happy to recommend the right service enhancements for you during your next visit. You can rest assured that all our haircare products are clean, vegan solutions that will give your hair everything it needs with nothing that it doesn’t.

Price Lists

Service Enhancements

Acidic Bonding Concentrate

starting at $25+

Additional Styling Time (15 min)

starting at $10+

Awaken Treatment

starting at $20+

BB Split End Mender

starting at $30+

Clarifying Treatment

starting at $20+

Curls Treatments

starting at $20+

Pureology Color Sealer

starting at $15+

Redken Bleach Recovery

starting at $20+

Shine Gloss

starting at $25+

Toner Glaze

starting at $25+

Why our clients love us

*Service Enhancements only available with base service

Restore the shine, softness, and smoothness you’ve been dreaming of for your hair with service enhancements customized to your hair type and needs. These extras are particularly beneficial following color and texture treatments, but they can also offer a boost any time you need a little extra love for your locks.

Elevate Your Salon Experience

If you’re experiencing breakage, discoloration, dryness, or brittleness in your hair, we offer a variety of solutions to infuse your strands with vital nutrients, which will detoxify and replenish your hair. Redken’s Acidic Bonding concentrate is a perfect solution for dry or damaged hair—moisturize and balance the pH of your hair and get color fade protection for long-lasting color. Alternatively, Awaken treatment can detoxify and rejuvenate the scalp with mineral ferments and antioxidants to strengthen, revitalize, and reverse common signs of aging in your strands. If you’re dealing with split ends, BB split end mender can repair the ends of your hair to help preserve length and soften and smooth each strand.

Balance and Rejuvenate Your Locks

At Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar, we follow a proprietary 5-step consultation process to ensure that your hair gets exactly what it needs during your visit. We want every client to leave feeling confident and beautiful, and we achieve this goal through a variety of advanced treatments, ongoing stylist training, and the best practices that you’d expect from a Summit Salon.