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Must-Try Hair Color Ideas for 2024

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Posted date: Wed, 28 February 2024 : 6 26 AM

With your New Year’s Eve party in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead to trends in beauty and fashion for this coming year. More specifically, what sort of hair color ideas will be trending in 2024? We expect to see lots of high-fashion takes on low-maintenance looks. In other words, you might want to try a sophisticated and luxurious look that also offers a lived-in vibe and doesn’t require a whole lot of upkeep.

Whether you prefer a natural yet enhanced look or a wild and daring color, you’re sure to find something that suits your personality in this list of must-try hair color ideas for 2024!

Bring on the bronde blends!

Have you seen Selena Gomez’s new hairstyle? It’s helping to usher in a popular trend of bronde blends this year. If hair color is on a spectrum, bronde is found between blonde and brunette. Rather than chunky stripes, however, these shades blend together almost seamlessly, shifting gracefully between darker blonde highlights and light to caramel brown shades. It’s understated luxury at its finest.

Try the honey blonde highlights.

This sophisticated hair color idea is another take on the bronde blend trend. Rather than being a true blonde, it’s more of a brown with complex, multi-tonal shades of honey blonde highlights. It achieves its complexity thanks in part to the lowlight elements, keeping the color warm and “toasty.” To get an idea of what this looks like, check out the late-2023 hairdos of Keke Palmer, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian.

Care for a frosted strawberry?

Strawberry blonde is a blend comprised predominantly of blonde shades mixed with a touch of red. It’s a particularly stunning hair color idea for women with cool skin tones, and this year, we expect to see more of the strawberry frost look. Strawberry frost takes the strawberry blonde look to a new level by adding a few subtle, almost white-blonde highlights to the color scheme.

Hazelnut hues are for every skin tone.

While strawberry frost may look best on cool skin tones, hazelnut hues are drop-dead gorgeous on everyone. If you already have brunette hair or are planning on becoming brunette, consider asking your hair stylist to add rich butterscotch highlights paired with hazelnut hues to create better depth and dimension.

Try some expensive honey.

Like the ubiquitous little black dress, expensive honey is a look that you can wear everywhere. It looks perfectly professional in the office while still being fun and flirty in social settings. Expensive honey is defined as a warm blonde shade that embraces undertones of subtle reds and browns, creating a somewhat neutral, always flattering look. For inspiration, check out Jennifer Lawrence’s hairstyle at the Cannes Film Festival.

Check out the many copper hair color ideas.

We expect the many takes on copper to continue making a strong comeback in 2024, including the warm and buttery kettle copper shade. Hair stylists can achieve kettle copper by blending together apricot and peachy shades. Copper brunette is another popular take on this trend, which involves taking a darker brunette color as the foundation and infusing it with peach and copper highlights.

No list of copper hair color ideas would be complete without a mention of the cowboy copper look. This fierce shade may technically belong to the brunette family, but it pulls together shades of copper and gold, as well. The result is a delightfully rich and bold color that is evocative of cowboy leather. Cowboy copper can look great on anyone, but if you’re currently a blonde thinking of turning brunette, this may be a particularly good shade for you to try instead of going full brunette.

A fourth take on the copper hair trend is the copper coin look. The copper coin hair color incorporates caramel into the copper for a more subtle, natural, and multidimensional look. For inspiration, check out the copper coin hair on Halle Bailey’s Ariel character, which provided a refreshing change from the traditional fire engine red hair the mermaid used to boast.

Still another coppery look is pumpkin copper, which looks just like it sounds. If you love all things pumpkin spice, you may be attracted to these warm shades that evoke ginger, cinnamon, and chestnut—all blended together for a rich, luxurious-looking copper.

Dusty rose gold offers a softer alternative to bold coppers.

As much as we love the new copper looks heading into 2024, other fun hair color ideas offer an alternative. Consider the dusty rose gold look, which offers a toned-down, more adult blush look as compared to bubblegum pink.

To visualize what this looks like, it can be helpful to know what it’s not. Rose gold and champagne pink are both on the warmer end of the pink spectrum. In contrast, dusty rose gold is ashier. And since it has both warm and cool shades, it looks good on virtually everyone, regardless of skin tone, eye color, or hair length.

Before you take the plunge and get dusty rose gold for yourself, you should know that this particular color does require a bit more upkeep than most of the hair color ideas we’re expecting in 2024. Expect more frequent touch-ups to maintain the look.

Pop open some cherry cola, or try the cherry violet or black cherry.

Many of these luxurious hair color ideas for 2024 trend toward a natural or almost-natural look, but that doesn’t mean unnatural colors are out this year. Cherry cola is a deep, dark take on red, providing a dramatic look that embraces violet tones with blue undertones.

Alternatively, try Megan Fox’s new look for 2024. Cherry violet is an even bolder blue-tinted red. Lastly, black cherry starts with black or very dark brown and then brings in violet, magenta, and burgundy highlights for a striking purplish look.

Become an ice queen in 2024.

Escape the heat this summer with an icy new look for 2024! There are a few possibilities to choose from, including the cool brunette look. It’s a black or super dark brown hair look mixed with violet-to-silver tones. Instead of looking sun-kissed, however, it provides greater dimension with icy tones.

Another ice queen option is the pearly white look, which is just what it sounds like: super-bright, pearly white hair that features a subtle violet hue. Similarly, the winter white hair color trend offers a classic bottle blonde look (think Anya Taylor-Joy).

It’s reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, and it bucks the trend of dimensionality with an even, one-tone color. It’s an ideal color for people who already have a lighter shade of hair naturally.

Finally, Beyonce’s new icy look has ushered in a wave of requests for the winter frost look. This snowy hair color idea features a subtle lavender wash.

Bringing Your Hair Color Ideas to Bloom Salon

At Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar, we can’t wait to hear all about your hair color ideas for 2024 and beyond! Whether you’re interested in a more subtle, natural look like a blonde balayage or you’re leaning toward a daring cherry violet vibe, our talented color experts will help you get exactly the look you want! Plus, when you visit Bloom Salon, you can trust that we only use hair color and other products that are guaranteed safe—both for your hair and for the planet.

Contact us today to book an appointment at our hair salon in Tucson, and be sure to check out our service enhancements!

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