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From our Founder and Owner, Erica Escalante.

As stylists, we are exposed to many harmful chemicals when working with our clients. I care about my clients and I didn’t want our clients exposed to chemicals that are banned in other countries because of their toxicity. That started me on a journey of discovery.

As I have matured in my profession, I have cast a vision to be a leader of integrity in the beauty industry. My goal is to have a massive impact on the innovation of what beauty actually means…

Does it mean toxic, harsh chemicals? No…

Does it mean using the same things everyone else has used for 40 years? No…

Like most people, I had the misconception that vegan products smelled like patchouli and didn’t produce rich and vibrant colors. I quickly learned I was wrong!


Nearly every salon uses chemical treatments and product lines with 40 year old technology. Back then, nobody thought about the health of their hair, their clients, or the planet! My goal as a beauty industry leader is to seek out better ideas to create the best results for you, for our stylists, and the planet! I wouldn’t want to use inferior products on my own hair and so I never recommend products that I don’t use and love to my clients.

The products we use at Bloom are vegan, cruelty and paraben free… manufactured with European standards of purity and quality, instead of the more lax and unregulated US standards. Our products will nourish your hair, returning it’s natural silk and shine. They are good for your hair, good for your health and well-being!

My commitment to you is – we will always care for you, your hair, the animals we love and our beautiful planet. And we will do all of that without giving up the gorgeous, rich colors or super sexy, fun, vibrant looks you desire!

It is my honor and privilege that you trust us with your hair! We take that seriously and treasure the confidence you place in the team of amazing artists at Bloom every day!


The foundation of Bloom rests on innovation and the quality of products we select and use. Our products utilize the best ingredients available and they too share a commitment to respect the personal health of others as well as the earth. They are always vegan, animal cruelty-free, paraben-free and do not include any harsh chemicals that strip the hair and harm the skin.



Our sulfate-free, dual-benefit hair care products are designed to protect color-treated hair (and still maintain shampoo lather!) Whether your hair needs volume, strength, moisture or smoothness, Pureology has sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and treatments for every color-treated hair type.


Get the haircare, haircolor and hair styling products you need with these Redken product lines. Navigate to a particular product type or find products to meet your specific hair concerns—including dry.damaged hair, fine and thinning hair, hair breakage, curly and wavy hair, and color treated hair— or desired end looks—including hair volume and thickness, smooth hair, hair texture and curly and wavy hair styles.


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