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Balayage Hair Color

If you’re new to coloring your hair or you want to try something a little different from all-over color or traditional highlights, you may be wondering what the balayage technique can do for your hair. Balayage has been a trending hair color technique for several years, and it’s only become more popular as different variations arise—babylights, ombre, and ribbon blonde hair are all achieved with the balayage technique.

If you’re thinking about balayage hair color, start your transformation at Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar. Our colorists will listen to your hair goals and challenges to pair you with the perfect coloring service for your personal style and hair type. After your balayage with us, you’ll walk away feeling fresh and beautiful!

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What Is Balayage?

What exactly is balayage? Balayage means “to sweep” or “to paint” in French, which is why balayage highlights are sometimes called painted highlights. They are applied by hand without the addition of foils, which results in a natural, sun-kissed look. Typically, color is more concentrated towards the ends of your strands with balayage, giving the hair a gradient of color from root to tip. Unlike traditional highlights—which are applied at the roots—balayage highlights can be grown out without as much upkeep. If you’re on the fence about the balayage look, you don’t need to commit to ongoing appointments to retouch your roots.

Although balayage hair color does tend to provide a sun-kissed effect, it can still yield dramatic results. Techniques like ombre color tend to create a starker contrast between your base color and the lightened ends, so your hair color stands out. Alternatively, you might want just a little more dimension and movement in your hair, which would make babylights a great choice. With this type of balayage, fine sections of hair are dyed to mimic the effect of natural lightening from a summer at the beach.

Is Balayage Just for Blondes?

While blonde balayage is certainly popular, this coloring technique is not exclusive to blondes by any means. Balayage can allow you to incorporate shades of red, copper, light brown, and blonde to your strands—or you can even get wild with exotic hair colors like blue, green, and pink. If you do go blonde with balayage, our stylists will use Pulp Riot Blonding powders to evenly lighten your strands while protecting your hair. Your color treatment will also include a conditioning color gloss to balance your hair color and minimize brassiness.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Balayage?

Because balayage hair coloring is so customizable with the amount of color applied and the variety of colors you can choose from, it’s a good fit for just about any skin tone and hair type. However, you will need to embrace your natural hair color, as that will be the base color at the roots of your hair.

What to Expect with Your Balayage Service at Bloom Salon

When you visit Bloom Salon & Beauty Bar for balayage coloring services, you can expect the star treatment from the moment you get in your stylist’s chair. Coloring your hair is a big decision, so our stylists will walk you through all the details and help you pin down a look at fits your vision and complements your personal style. If it’s your first time getting balayage hair color, you can expect your appointment to last 2-3 hours. Touch-up services will take about one hour.

To preserve the integrity of your hair and deliver the absolute best results possible, we’ve carefully selected our hair dyes are made from vegan ingredients, and manufactured with the highest standards of quality. In addition to your color service, we can recommend add-ons that will further enhance your look and nourish your locks to ensure long-lasting color. Your color service will be all about you, so you can walk away feeling more beautiful than ever!